About Us

About Us

Welcome to Business Brokers Victoria  Australia

Business Brokers Victoria Australia is a highly professional Business Brokers firm based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Our policy is “NO SALE – NO COMMISSION”. Business Brokers Victoria Australia is an unmatched, professional company specialised in selling all types and sizes of businesses and franchises in all suburbs of Melbourne and Regions of Victoria, Australia. We have the record of the fastest selling business in Australia and have sold hundreds of businesses and franchises. We are known as very professional, honest and fair in our dealings, and take pride in being the best Business Brokers in the Industry and Business Community.

We have over 35 year’s consolidated experience dealing with direct buyers, investors, corporations, industries, businesses and franchises.  Over time we have built the largest database of customers and networks in Australia. We have offices in Melbourne CBD, East Melbourne, West Melbourne and Regional Areas of Victoria, Australia. We have direct access to overseas buyers and have offices in China and India.

Our Business Brokers team can access all the channels to reach potential customers. For this reason, our company remains the fastest and most efficient among all business brokers in Australia. We are your local business broker. We give prime importance to privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, we sell business and franchiser in accordance with Australian privacy legislation and follow strict compliance of the systems, standards and procedures.

We also provide Business Valuation services for buying, selling, divorce, stamp duty or shareholder agreements. If you are looking for a Business Valuation Report from our Qualified Business Brokers, please contact us.

Business Brokers Victoria Australia is your first choice of Business Brokers, we provide a high standard of services to our clients and make sure the client is satisfied and the business is “SOLD”.

Please contact us and book a time for a meeting with our consultant.

Email: admin@businessbrokersvictoria.com.au

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