Business Help

Business Help

We have been helping businesses for over three decades. It’sĀ important to run your business efficiently and smartly. We are happy to help you in:

  • Buying a business or a franchise.
  • Selling a business or a franchise.
  • Business Valuation.
  • Commercial Property (freehold) valuation.
  • Buying or selling a freehold with the business.
  • Buying a business or a franchise as per Visa requirement
  • Business Planning, restructuring, diversifying your business.
  • Business Consulting / ongoing business help to run your business smartly and efficiently.
  • Settling up systems and procedures to import goods from overseas.
  • To guide you facelift your business and make it presentable to the buyer.
  • We may facilitate you to set up / register :
    • ABN
    • Pty Ltd. Company
    • Family Trust
    • Joint venture
    • Bookkeeping BAS/GST
    • Accounting and Business Tax
    • Brand / IP registration
    • Domain Registration

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