Non-disclosure agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement
This non-disclosure agreement is made of Date between Haider Nominees Pty Ltd – The trustee for the Haider family trust (ABN 28 939 066 113) trading as Business Brokers Victoria Australia, Properties Victoria Australia and Business Victoria (“Broker/Agent”); and Purchaser signed the agreement:

In consideration of the information furnished and presented to me by Haider Nominees Pty Ltd – The trustee for the Haider family trust (ABN 28 939 066 113) trading as Business Brokers Victoria Australia, Properties Victoria Australia and Business Victoria described below and any other businesses/properties that may be presented to me as being available for sale, I agree that the information and knowledge that the business/property is for sale is confidential and the information obtained will only be used for purposes of a potential purchase of the business/property. Unless we agree otherwise in writing, I will not disclose that the business/property is for sale or reveal any information obtained about the business/properties for two (2) years from the date below to anyone other than my solicitor/attorney, accountant, banks, immediate family, and a few employees of my company (if any) who are directly participating in the evaluation of this information for the sole purpose of a potential acquisition on my behalf and in addition I will ensure that such people maintain the confidentiality of the information.

Confidential Information shall include but not limited to information relating to non-public, confidential and proprietary operations, properties, lease, chattels, franchise, personnel, financial information, materials, products, documents, technology, computer programs, manuals, business plans, software, marketing plans, and other information disclosed or submitted, orally, in writing, or by any other media, advertising, to Undersigned by the company. The Undersigned agrees that the Confidential Information is to be considered confidential and proprietary to the businesses/properties/Companies and the Undersigned shall hold the same in confidence and shall not use the Confidential Information other than for the purposes of its evaluation of businesses/properties/companies for a potential acquisition.

The parties agree that information shall not be deemed to be confidential or proprietary and the Undersigned shall have no obligation with respect to information which:

  • is or becomes publicly known through no neglect or wrongful act of the Undersigned; or
  • is required to be disclosed by any order of a governmental agency, legislative body or court of competent jurisdiction.

I understand that the Broker/Agent has a listing agreement or contract for the businesses/properties presented to me which provides for a commission payment and I agree not to interfere in any way with the broker’s right to a commission from the seller. I agree that I will not contact the seller or their employees directly unless given prior permission by Broker/Agent and will keep broker informed of any potential progress in the purchase of any of the businesses/properties presented by Broker/Agent. I acknowledge that the Broker/Agent doesn’t make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of information about the businesses/properties; any such representations or warranties are to be made between seller and buyer. I agree that the Broker /Agent assumes no liability for information about the businesses/properties.

In case the purchaser or prospective purchaser does not pursue the proposed acquisition, the purchaser will immediately delete all copies of information that are provided about the Businesses/properties.

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