InXpress Franchise Melbourne
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  • City of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    InXpress Franchise Melbourne
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  • City of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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    InXpress Franchise Melbourne

    InXpress Franchise Melbourne Parcel and Freight Services International and Domestic Franchise Business for Sale. Easy to run business, fully automated easy to use the software.

    About the Global Franchiser:

    This worldwide franchise was established in 1999 in the USA and UK as the preferred “Retail Sales Partner” for DHL Express, in order to service small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) whose shipping needs are just as critical as any large organisation. This market segment was identified as one that was not exploited, and that is not of significance to the major service providers. The principal behind this franchising system is the consolidation of shipping volumes from all of the InXpress customers, in order to then realise a significant price discount from all contracted service providers. These discounts are passed onto InXpress customers, with InXpress keeping a margin.

    Australia began its services in 2008, which continue to grow at an increasing rate annually. InXpress has over 35 active franchise operations around the country, and a flexible service offering that can be adjusted to meet its diverse customer base.

    In addition to their role as DHL Express’ Global Retail Sales partner, the Franchiser in Australia has also signed agreements with TNT International, TNT Domestic, Toll Priority, Toll Ipec, Star Track, Hi-Trans, Northline and approximately 20 other carriers with a track record of consistency and reliability.

    Products and Services:

    • International Export Express
    • International Import Express
    • Domestic Road Express
    • Overnight Domestic Express
    • Same Day Domestic Express
    • Time Critical Domestic Express
    • Next-flight out service to more than 200 countries. Door-to-door service 24/7, 365 days a year. Immediate pickup of any size or weight.

    Recognized as a Preferred Retail Agent with major Brands such as:

    • DHL Express
    • TNT International
    • TNT Domestic
    • Toll Priority
    • Toll Ipec
    • Star Track
    • Hi Trans
    • Northline
    • Couriers Express
    • Couriers Please
    • And nearly 20 plus other carriers that are well known and respected by shippers locally and globally. 

    Business Highlights:

    • Multiple active customers that ship regularly
    • Easy to run business
    • Fully automated easy to use software
    • Cost effective Business Model
    • Ability to run and operate by a single person, allowing costs to be kept to a minimum and profits to be enhanced.
    • All back office functions are the responsibility of the Master Franchisor (E.g. Billing, Invoicing, Debt Collection and other related customer service queries).

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